Truth matters. Words matter. Without meaning, words are pointless.

When you hear “school shooting”, yesterday is what comes to mind. And yesterday was terrible. Seventeen dead. And it took just minutes for the media to start talking about ways to prevent this, both sides having their piece, their take. Before the bodies are even buried, before most parents even knew their kid was one of the dead ones, we are calling half the country evil for supporting gun rights.

The statistic being quoted by many last night and this morning is that in 2018, a year that we are only some forty days into, has seen eighteen school shootings, referring to the reporting from a group called Everytown for Gun Safety. That is truly an appalling number. 18 school shootings. When you hear “school shooting”, yesterday is what comes to mind. And yesterday was terrible. Seventeen dead. But yesterday is not what Everytown is calling a school shooting. They are counting all shootings at schools or involving schools. Truth matters. Words matter. Without meaning, words are pointless.

So what does this reporting from Everytown mean? Eight of those eighteen resulted in no injuries or fatalities. Two were suicides, one in the parking lot and one in the bathroom at a school. One was a gun fired unintentionally, no one hurt. Of these eighteen incidents, three people were killed— not including the two suicides— and roughly 30-35 were injured, according to The Daily Wire.

We all wish that yesterday was one bad day out of a million good days. We all wish we had a billboard that counted the days from the last school shooting and it had been at 30 years. But when “we include suicides, accidental discharges, purposeful shootings without injuries, and purposeful shootings without only ‘superficial’ wounds” as school shootings on par with what happened yesterday our words lose meaning. We become numb. Yesterday was just another school shooting. That was the new normal. But it isn’t. It isn’t the new normal.

Truth matters. Words matter. I hope that you agree.

Showing yet again how inept he is, Tim Kaine said what now?

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine said Monday he was saddened by the “senseless act of gun violence” at Ohio State University, even though the attacker used a butcher knife and a car.

Mr. Kaine, who ran on the 2016 Democratic ticket with presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, was accused of pushing a gun-control agenda after his Twitter post blaming firearms for the siege.

Washington Post

After years of every terrorist act being used to remind us that we need more gun control, Tim Kaine followed the script earlier this week. However, it wasn’t a gun that the attacker used, but a knife and a car. Let’s require people register their knives and highly restrict access to cars and see if that helps.

I don’t love Rand Paul. Or Ron Paul. I’m a Cruz guy. But I love Constitutionalists.

Does the NRA support background checks? No matter what side you are on, you might be surprised by the answer. Don’t blindly trust the media.

CNN calls CDC chicken for not addressing “gun violence”, missing that they very much do address it. But of gun-related deaths, homicides make up ~33% and suicides make up ~63%. So ~96% of gun-related deaths are intentional. Sorry, but you aren’t going to stop someone intent on killing someone else or themselves. Of the other ~4% of gun-related deaths, ~1.5% are accidental discharge and ~1% lacked a proven intent.

The number of accidental gun deaths has been on the decline for a century and now represents less than 1% of unintentional deaths.

So why is the CDC so chicken to talk about gun violence? Because outside of intentional gun deaths and injuries, there isn’t much to talk about. But even with all gun-related deaths totaled, it is only ~6% of the number of deaths caused by tobacco, according to CDC studies released in April of 2015. So the CDC has other priorities, CNN. Namely, those responsible for more deaths in America. Because while 99.99999% of Americans know that putting a gun in their mouth can lead to death, apparently many still don’t care about tobacco doing the same.

BREAKING: NRA's Wayne LaPierre responds to President Obama's gun control push in Chicago.

Posted by National Rifle Association on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Very important video for Christians, conservatives, and even liberals to watch.

Dana Loesch - Freedom's Safesty Place

Dana Loesch says, "I'm a mom, and just like millions of other women, that's why I own guns." She's willing to use a firearm to defend her family. Are you?

Posted by National Rifle Association on Monday, September 28, 2015

One thing we know even now, just hours after the tragic shooting took place, is that the gunman did not adhere to the Conduct Policy. He ignored the gun ban, he ignored the bans on violence, intimidation, and physically threatening behavior, and he ignored the rules against “unlawful conduct.”


The second thing I do, after praying for the victims of a shooting, is look to see one thing: was it in a gun-free zone. The shootings in Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT, Charleston, SC, and Chattanooga, TN were all in gun-free zones. Each of these states have concealed carry laws, but either allow businesses to declare their property gun-free or declare specific types of properties gun-free (usually churches, schools, etc.)

Aurora’s Century theatre declared themselves a gun-free. There were theatres nearby that were not. James Holmes chose the theatre that he could inflict the most amount of damage.

Connecticut declares schools to be gun-free, preventing teachers from defending their students with anything but their bodies.

South Carolina declares churches to be gun-free. Instead of going anywhere else in Charleston where there were plenty of blacks, Dylann Roof targetted a church where he could inflict the most amount of damage.

Chattanooga is yet another case of a military base where soldiers, the most trained in armed combat, were unarmed by law and unable to defend themselves.

And now Lafayette, LA. Another theatre that declares itself a gun-free zone.

This doesn’t stop the crazies from coming out and declaring:

Yeah, Jack Moore, it’s funny that law-abiding citizens see a sign as they enter a privately-owned property and decide to obey it, under penalty of the law, and leave their protection in the car, while the shooter walks right past that sign that clearly said no guns allowed and opened fire on people that were unable to protect themselves. Hilariously funny. Wait. No. That isn’t funny at all.

So what have we learned today? If you want to shoot a bunch of people before offing yourself, find a gun-free zone and take full advantage of those that cannot defend themselves.