Many Christians will acknowledge the existence and the general agenda of Satan.  They will affirm that he is alive and active on planet Earth.  Yes, they recognize that he hates God and God’s people.  Yes, he hates truth and wants to steal, kill and destroy.  Yes, he wants to tempt us into rebellion, crush us under guilt, and destroy all that is good, beautiful and anything that has even the faintest reflection of God’s character.

And yet, oddly, as quickly as those affirmations are made, that awareness seems to evaporate just as quickly.  For many Christians, the devil appears to be a very limited antagonist.

Is Our View of Satan Too Small?, Peter Mead

Yesterday I wrote about the power of the Gospel over darkness. In writing, I took special care to not disembody the darkness. Something I have been aware of most of my life is that the darkness is home to creatures beyond the veil of sight, not just lost humans. The darkness— literally the absence of light— doesn’t hate us. Satan and his army does. Literal beings. We have a tendency to not truly acknowledge spiritual warfare in the American church. We will acknowledge it in name, but not recognize just how much power Satan has over the world. We acknowledge demons exist, but most things that come for us are chalked up to the natural.

I have had multiple moments in my last year where I have looked evil men in the face. The Bible makes clear that there is more than just the natural. Satan seeks to kill and destroy. Most Christians functionally chalk that up to hyperbolic language. I don’t and my last year has shown me just that. Yet I still stand because the Gospel is more powerful.

Most shirk at the idea that Satan controls any nation, especially our own. Yet Satan offered all the nations to Jesus. Go read the article and check your worldviews against the Scripture. As discussed on Haunted Cosmos many times, our church history is full of a robust understanding of the spiritual realm and the threat it holds against the world. It might be wise to become more aware of the influence that the spiritual realm has over yours.

If these Islamic extremists with ISIS were not evil enough for you— the week of them burning a man alive— they are now selling children into slavery.

Is that bad to you?

“We have had reports of children, especially children that are mentally challenged, who have been used as suicide bombers, most probably without them even understanding what has happened or what they have to expect,” said Renate Winter, an expert with the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child.

Mentally challenged children being rigged with explosives and sent to their deaths. Is the United States able to call this evil yet?

Men were bold enough to call Hitler evil, but somehow are scrambling to find the word to best describe these evil men. Maybe it’s because here in the States we prediagnose mental disorders when a baby is still in the womb and offer a solution to prevent their suffering, burning them alive with chemicals or ripping them limb from limb with metal tools. Our sense of morality may be a bit off, because to me these gentlemen with ISIS are not doing much different than we are.