You Are Being Used

You are but a cog in the machine of time, a pawn in a game played over and over by a narsissistic Devil that has the audacity to think this time he will win. He whispers in your ear and convinces you to take a sword against men of God, a pawn manipulated to do his bidding. He will give your life purpose, meaning. You are one in a long line of pawns. Used. What you are doing is no surprise. It is not some new thing. He seldom has a new tactic. We have seen this played out time and again.

Drop the sword.

The blood you are drawing will not give you purpose and will certainly not give you life. It’s meaningless. Purposeless. A frail attempt by an old Snake to win a game he has already lost. He’s read the Book. See audacity. But he might as well take as many with him before his time comes. And you are one of them, stuck in a cage as old as time.

Drop the sword.

There is blood that will give meaning and purpose.

Defy that Dragon.

You are not my enemy. And he is not your ally. He is your master and you his slave.

Drink from the cup. Chains unbound, freedom known, true identity found.