Watched “How To Train Your Dragon” with Lottie Saturday night. Sitting at church Sunday morning and she says, “Daddy Daddy, dragons!” while pointing out the window.

Okay, I think, what does she see? I walk over to see what she’s pointing at. Canadian Geese. She’s pointing at a gaggle of Canadian Geese outside.

“No, Sweetie, those are geese. They’re worse than dragons.”

“Baby dragons!” she exclaimed.

“Well, remember, even baby dragons can spit acid and fire.”

Dad’s job is to train her for battle. Even with dragons and geese.

Finley Home

He later clarified that the rocket landed, but tipped over.


Oddly, my daughter did the same thing yesterday. She cried for a second and then tried again. We believe in you, Elon. Get back up and try again.

It’s seldom that you see men in a competent position on television. Most television shows and commercials portray us as barbaric fools, disconnected parents, or worse. So it’s nice to see a commercial so touching and against the trend. Dads, you are important.

More like “Not with Dad,” this ad shows an absentee father missing out on his son’s childhood. But his son is happy when he shows up with his new car at the end. So all Dad’s hard work in life paid off, didn’t it?

But what’s next? What does she, or any of these women, do for an encore? Where does a jaded culture go from here for kicks? The envelope has already been pushed beyond what we once thought were the limits. What is left?

Nudity doesn’t shock us anymore, CNN

The world that my daughter has to grow up in is becoming increasingly scary, with no regard for modesty and humility, and no sense of shame. And I have to raise her here, keep her safe here. Fathers, don’t surrender.