For years now, Go Daddy has been running sexually explicit ads that objectify women. Where was the public outcry demanding that Go Daddy pull those ads? It didn’t happen. Do we truly care more about protecting puppies than honoring the women in our culture?

Go Daddy Ad Shows that We Care Too Much About the Wrong Things

I was about to post about this yesterday when it broke, as I too have had a major problem with Go Daddy and their advertising practices. For years there ads have been horribly sexual and, as I.N.F.O writes, objectifying of women. While there have been murmurs and groans from Christians and other family-oriented groups, Go Daddy hasn’t once been forced to pull an ad. But when there’s even a chance that they could be supporting puppy mills— which I don’t even see when watching this ad— all Hell breaks loose and demands are made for Go Daddy to retract and apologize for their heinous ad.

Where are our priorities, America? As I posted yesterday, little shocks us anymore. We’d stand up for a puppy, but not for the modesty and dignity of women? Isn’t something wrong here?