One of the most devestating losses of the slow death of CSS Tricks is the loss of detailed guides for new, complex CSS features like Grid and Flexbox. It’s great to see the return of the personal blog where people like Ahmad Shadeed makes a great guide to :has like the one below.

Read CSS :has() Interactive Guide here

Great overview of the twenty year old RSS technology that was the backbone of the blogosphere in the early 2000’s. Before Facebook, before iPhone notifications, before algorithms, RSS was how we followed our friends, how we kept up on their ramblins, and more. And it never died. Many of us still use it daily. Matthias has a great write-up on it.

If you aren’t yet on the RSS bandwagon, jump on. Us old folks’ll catch you up!

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The reason I fight for my right to qualify my words on ethnicity and sex the way I do is not because I want to make the race hustlers or misogyny-mongers happy. I know I will never be able to do that. I do it because I want to make it crystal clear that their accusations are false.


I want to fight for the truth in such a way as to make people accuse me of being a bigot. I also want to fight in such a way as to make it manifestly clear to all the sensible observers that I am not a bigot. The point is not to endear myself to the progressives. The point is to fight the progressives more effectively.

As the Fighting Moderates Mount the Lone Bulwark, Douglas Wilson

These words echo hard with me. Christian, you will be insulted. When you are, praise God harder (1 Peter 4:12-14, 1 Peter 3:14, Matthew 5:11, and many more.) Realize that you will not convince those that call you names— misogynist, racist, bigot, Nazi— that you are not. But you can make it crystal clear to the sensible observers that their accusations are false.

Some great notes on making time for reading.

What competes for your reading time? What is less important than your reading? Nothing squanders time away more than pursuing things without a purpose. And given that the average American adult (18–34) invests only 10 minutes each day reading, yet watches 116 minutes of television, I think many of us have time that we can spend differently.

6 Ways to Find (and Protect) the Time You Need to Read Books, Crossway

We make a habit of wasting lots of time and then complaining that we don’t have time for things that have a good purpose to our lives. Television, video games, doom scrolling on social media. This goes for finding time to learn a musical instrument, to pick up a hobby like woodworking, as well as reading.

The browsers are warring again uniting to pound out some new features and bug fixes again. Y’all, I’m glad we are past the browser wars of ol’. Andy Bell has a great write-up on the focus of Interop 2024, a united effort to make things better for developers by having parity between all browsers.

Give it a read on Piccalilli!

You wish we lived in a day when the theological and cultural battles centered on the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus. And in a way they do. Beneath our battles over manhood, womanhood, the family, and sexuality is the fundamental question: who is God? Are our feelings and passions and desires God? Or is Jesus, the crucified and risen Messiah, the Lord of heaven and earth? So plant your flag on the Lordship of Christ.

On Empathy and Monsters by Joe Rigney

There are so many good quotes from this piece and I’m eager to read Joe’s new book coming out in March.

If untethered empathy rules, then deranged men and unstable women must be accommodated.

Untethered empathy is dangerous. It can be used to abuse and destroy. I’ve faced deranged men over the last couple years and I’ve faced those that demand that I accommodate them.

Stand strong in the Lord and get comfortable carrying the shield.

Andy’s following through on his promise to revive Piccalilli this year, publishing a great and thorough tutorial on making a switch component with modern CSS techniques, including :has and container queries. You really should subscribe to his blog if you are in the frontend space.

A highly configurable switch component using modern CSS techniques

I love a good UX breakdown, especially in areas I lack familiarity. The Turn Signal blog just posted a great write-up on how to design better digital instrument clusters for automobiles.

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Thomas Cranmer was a great hero of the faith, and a martyr. He was also a man who buckled under pressure at the end of life, and signed a paper recanting his biblical position. But he was also a man who courageously recanted his recantation, and was immediately hustled off to be burned. He then put his offending hand, the one that had signed his earlier denial of the truth, into the fire so that it might be the first to burn. So do not despise the coward/heroes. God uses them.

The Trap of Donatism Lite


Edmund was a poisonous little beast, and so one of the things Aslan did was die for him in order to make him a king.

Good read on dealing with cowards and specifically cowards that are making amends after recognizing their cowardice. Jesus died for cowards too. Forgive them and welcome them home.

Even us old guys that have been working in CSS since the start… Scratch that. Especially us old guys that have been working in CSS since the start, we all need to read through this quick article and see some of the newer things in CSS that can make your code better.

I’ve been using aspect-ratio and margin-inline quite a bit over the last year on projects. I show my age, but so many things that we can now do easily in CSS— vertical centering…— used to take way too much code. Layout through grid and flexbox compared to old school floats is a marvel.

Go read Stephanie Eckles piece.