To say that music is an intrical part of my life is an understatement. One of the goals of redoing this site was to share musings and thoughts on more topics than what was by-and-large a political and theological blog. Music was one of the topics on my list. You’ll find musings on songs, lyrics, artists, and instruments here. And the occasional acoustic cover.

It’s dark and it’s quiet in my house tonight
Babies are all gone to sleep
It’s hard to imagine a better life
Than the one I get to lead

My blood and my bones
My heart and my hands
They try to hold all of this in
But I’m running to you like a west Texas wind
Singing God I need you, oh, how I need you
God I need you again

This song is in the key of D. That’s my sweet spot and my mandola loves it. Needless to say, it has been sung countless times around my campfires these last few years. Needtobreathe released it right after our third child was born and it keeps echoing through the walls of our house. Give it a listen to start your Tuesday.

Last year at DelFest we got to see these girls and my daughter absolutely loved them. Such talent. And today they have released a new album and it is solid. This song stood out, beautifully rendered in acapella.

In this world of hurt, no one deserves
To drown in all these fears
Oh, joy, oh, joy, come roll away
These temporary tears

Oh, joy, don’t you leave me
Just say you’ll lead me here
Oh, joy, oh, joy, come roll away
These temporary tears

It’s so hard to hear
The hidden hallelujah
Forgotten the words, it’s been so long

The second you feel it, let it speak
On through you, yeah
Sing over you, just like a song

My last two years have been full of temporary tears and hidden hallelujahs. I have learned to soak in the blessings, to not be embittered by the valleys, to set up camp in the desert and the gardens, and worship there.

O dear Friend, when your grief presses you to the very dust, worship there!

Charles H. Spurgeon

New Needtobreathe yesterday and new Dead South today?! Yeah! Glad to see fresh music from these guys. Catch ‘em on all the streaming services, y’all!

My heart is beating and I’m under attack
Don’t need a cure cause I don’t wanna go back
I’m giving in there ain’t no fightin’ this fire
I got this fever, fever, burning inside

Back in November we got to see Needtobreathe in concert again. It had been a few years and well worth the trip out to KC. They prove time and again to be one of my favorite bands, one I’ve been listenin’ to for over fifteen years. And they just released a new acoustic album called Campfire Sessions. Here I sit, brewing coffee in my kitchen at 5:30 in the morning and I’m struggling not to sing along to all my favorite songs. Shhh! Don’t wake the kids.

It’s dark and it’s quiet in my house tonight
Babies are all gone to sleep
It’s hard to imagine a better life
Than the one I get to lead

If the mover of mountains
Is listening to me
Why should I worry?
Why should I fear anything?

For I know the plans He has for me
Yes, I know the plans He has for me
For my good
To give me a hope and a future

My God commands the seas and raises the dead. And He listens to me, so why should I worry? I just wish the guy below would play a real mandolin. Sorry, bud.


I would take an entire album of this. On repeat.


Lot of great discussion of modern worship music, the depth of lyrics vs. what AI can do, practical uses of AI in songwriting, and more. This is a solid video.

I tend to avoid Bethel, but Heights Community included this song in their set yesterday. When verse three kicked in, I almost lost it.

If the truth cuts like an arrow
I will say it anyway
‘Cause here I am, Lord, send me
And if it’s means that they’ll reject me
Lord, I will still obey
‘Cause here I am, Lord, send me

Those close know how many areas of my life that those words pierce. Worship your Lord this morning. His plans are higher than yours. Let the darkness do its work.


Sometimes a song starts playing and you have to drop what you were doing, pull a chord chart, and join in.

I adore Psalm 57. Fell in love with it while taking shelter in caves surrounded by dragons. I wrote a series of articles last year on a sermon Spurgeon gave on Psalm 57, quoted it in one of my Christmas articles in December, and have referenced it in many other posts in passing.

This is a really good setting of Psalm 57 from The Worship Initiative and their Writers Well. Give it a listen.

Be merciful to me my King
There’s a darkness in this cave surrounding me
When the swords are drawn and spears and arrows fly
Be merciful to me my King

You have saved me from the roaring lions
Awake my soul to love You  Awake my soul to sing

Awake My Soul (Psalm 57)