A friend at church said that I have a man-crush on Brian Sauvé. Sure. But the theology buff in me draws close the good preachers that don’t tickle ears. His King’s Hall podcast is fueling my month and songs like the above are becoming anthems to carry through valleys darkened by the shadows of death.

O hear the mighty lion’s roaring,
Shaking hoary trees
The murdered Lamb, his scarlet blood,
Has broken winter’s teeth

So men of God, take up the sword
The Son of God goes forth
To bind the strong man fast in chains
And plunder all his goods

Why Do We Despise Children?

Why do the children of modernity hate children so much? Why do we pump our women full of synthetic-hormone-cocktails, a chemical “No Trespassing” sign? We celebrate chemically barren wombs like our great-grandparents celebrated fruitful wombs. We haven’t managed an elixir to castrate the men quite so efficiently as of yet, but most of them are quite tame already, virtual geldings.

And when some hapless child slips through our poison gauntlet, we take great care to chop her up and vacuum her out, limb by tiny limb—don’t worry, it’s just a medical procedure. We’re highly advanced like that.

Why do we despise children?

Calling Their Apocalyptic Bluff by Brian Sauvé

I’m tired. I saw a tweet yesterday, from an account that has since gone private, that said that you cannot be pro-life while the foster care system still exists. The arguments the gal made in the replies was clear: you cannot oppose abortion if you haven’t adopted all the children. Put differently, we should be supporting the killing of children unless we are willing to adopt all those that are without parents.

Our culture hates children.

And our culture hates parents that parent. Their argument is simple. Get out of the way and let us raise your kids. Anything else is abusive.

How dare Matt Walsh keep his children off the Internet! How dare Matt Walsh homeschool his children! How dare Matt Walsh control what they watch! How dare Matt Walsh parent. Christian, you are no more a bad parent for preventing your children from surfing YouTube than you are for not tossing them in with the lions at the zoo.

Let me give you a theological answer: There is a great and chasmic antithesis yawning in the hearts of fallen man—a hatred of God that goes down to the bone. We hate our little ones because we hate the God in whose image they are knit together. This is why ours is a world where some of the very people crying out to save the whales and protect the sacred migrational corridors of arboreal squirrels also advocate for the murder of children in the womb; the babies bear God’s image—the whales don’t.

If you hate God, you will hate him every place you see him. […] It’s why we slaughter babies in the name of preventing climate change, like Aztecs ripping out hearts to ensure the rising of the Sun the next day.

Culture. The word comes from the Latin word for worship. Same word we get cult from. The modern culture is a cult of death.

Christian, you are to go forth, be fruitful, and multiply. You are to raise your children in the Word. You are to protect them. And it is a tiring job, especially today as the lions get restless. But keep up the good fight.

Show the unbelieving world that what they believe are resource-suckers are actually resources. Show the world that our kids aren’t thieves, but weapons—and teach the enemy to fear.

May your daughters be mothers of ten-thousands. May your sons possess the gates of their enemies.

[…] you do have a lot of, even Reformed churches, that produce cultures of unfruitful theological eggheads because they know a lot of theological data but they don’t know what to do with it. […] We should be practitioners. You don’t actually know something until you know how to obey it in your life.

The King’s Hall: Theological Maximalism, Legacy-Minded Cultural Maximalism, & Reformed Catholicity on Apple Podcasts

I have spent over 8 hours this week listening to The King’s Hall podcast. Good, applicable stuff, deep theology and inspiration as a man that is sick of emotionalism and lightweight, fundamental-only theology in and out of the church. Looking to build a legacy and marshal forward the Kingdom through my kids and in my community.

I know that the blog has been a bit light this week. Got a heartache and doing a soft reboot. Tempering and sharpening my sword.

I am on a bit of a kick for the Psalmist of Ogden Brian Sauvé this week. Heck, much of February and March was me just swimming through the Psalms, so it makes sense.

Fret not thyself at evil men
Nor envy those who worketh wrong
For they will soon fade like the grass
And wither like the new-cut herb

Fret Not Thyself At Evil Men (Psalm 37:1-11)

To long with him that hateth peace
Doth mine owl soul abide
I am for peace, but when I speak
To war they ever fly

Psalm 120-121:1 (O Lord, Deliver Me) by Brian Sauvé

I wasn’t ready for this album but the algorhythm on Twitter put it in my feed last night. It got me to sleep. Then I woke with a prayer in my messages from an unknown number. So you could say that my day is going fairly well. This album has way too many good songs and good instrumentations. This is an album of psalms and a couple hymns. By today’s definition of worship— don’t get me started— that shouldn’t be this good. Go worship. Maybe I’ll do a cover sooner or later.