Been digging Zach Williams lately and this TobyMac song featuring him popped up on Apple Music yesterday and just hit the spot.

The sun goes up, the sun comes down
This old world keeps spinnin’ ‘round (Spinnin’ ‘round)
I’m here travelin’ down this long and winding road (Long and winding road)
Seasons comе and seasons go
They take mе high, then leave me low
But I’m still standin’ on the only Rock I know

Cornerstone by Toby Mac (feat. Zach Williams)

Toby’s son committed suicide a couple years ago and you can just feel the heart of a man after God going through the thickets of life throughout his recent album.

This is why us Christians are encouraged to keep publishing widely the story of the cross even in the darkest times, because someone out there needs the hope you are feeling.