This young man is singing our song. I’m ready to go home.

Son, we’re on the brink of the next world war
And I don’t think nobody’s prayin’ no more
And I ain’t sayin I know it for sure
I’m just down on my knees

Beggin’, Lord, take me home
I just wanna go home
I don’t know which road to go
It’s been so long
I just know I didn’t used to wake up feelin’ this way
Cussin’ myself every damn day
People have really gone and lost their way
They all just do what the TVs say
And I wanna go home

Revival or civil war is looming. The dragons are creeping in closer and closer. The darkness wants nothing less than total victory. To snuff out the light. ”[P]ray for resolution, for resolve, for repentance, and for restoration.”

I wanna be a child climbing trees somewhere
Breathing in the fresh, outside air
Before I knew this life was unkind
I wanna well-trained dog on a couple of acres
A kind, kind lady and a place to take her
A few good friends I can count on one of my hands

Got my couple acres, my dog, and my lady. This song just hits, as the kids say. There’s something about Zach Bryan’s normal-guy-at-the-campfire music. I’ll be catching him later this year in concert. In the meantime, I’ll be chilling by my campfire with my mando, my lady, and my dog. The kids don’t have any chill. lol

I’m not a huge fan of modern country music, but this is a banger with great lyrics. Strongly agree. So much of the crap that is happening right now in cities would never fly out here in rural America.