If I had more meetings, this would be fantastic. But I don’t. I love cool, sexy things that I cannot find a use case for. Read more about the new Meet keyboard.

Fantastical 2

Today the new Fantastical 2 is out for Mac. Instead of being just a menu bar app— saying “just” is an understatement, as it was a powerful, featured menu bar app— this update brings a full-on Calendar replacement to match the power and feature set of the iOS apps.

I have long used Fantastical on my phone, though I never bought it for my iPad or Mac. $6.99 isn’t a bad price for iPad, but I just don’t use a calendar enough to justify it. For the Mac, the cost is $39.99. If you use your calendar every day, this is certainly the app you need. Beautiful, powerful, and just a great app. I’ll be using the trial until it expires.