Go download Hours for iPhone and Apple Watch for free! I’ve always been bad at tracking time, something few people enjoy. Hours has, within a matter of a few days of use, worked it’s way into my flow and allowed me to keep track of my time on my new job at HLK.

Since it sounds like your time spent typing can't possibly be less productive than your time spent not typing, have you tried typing SLOWER?

How much time do you waste on your phone? I know I waste a lot. Over the weekend I took a break (mostly) from tech and headed out to Starved Rock State Park for a hike. There is zero signal in the majority of the area. We got lost on the way out to the park and had no signal to use Google to find our way. I had to use my nature skills to continue heading west and hope I hit something. It was a joy to not be tethered. Do you take a break from time to time or are you always on?