Great discussion and suggestion around a topic du jour. Christian, you should not participate in their rituals. Be prepared to answer why you won’t.

I wanna be a child climbing trees somewhere
Breathing in the fresh, outside air
Before I knew this life was unkind
I wanna well-trained dog on a couple of acres
A kind, kind lady and a place to take her
A few good friends I can count on one of my hands

Got my couple acres, my dog, and my lady. This song just hits, as the kids say. There’s something about Zach Bryan’s normal-guy-at-the-campfire music. I’ll be catching him later this year in concert. In the meantime, I’ll be chilling by my campfire with my mando, my lady, and my dog. The kids don’t have any chill. lol

I’m not a huge fan of modern country music, but this is a banger with great lyrics. Strongly agree. So much of the crap that is happening right now in cities would never fly out here in rural America.

“I just posted something benign on social media and now have a ton of people saying I’m a genocidal monster!

If you’ve been accused of genocide for saying putting anchovies on pizza should be a crime or that boys cannot become girls, this video is for you. Laugh at the stupidity of it and recognize that everyone is collectively going through this stupidity, not just you.

So many good things said in this video.

The first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie.

Joseph Schumpeter

Thomas Sowell talks about the difference between traditional justice and cosmic or social justice. He also addresses how those that push this new form of justice use smear attacks against anyone that disagrees, which in turn makes many that really should be joining the conversation back away in fear.

The whole society is a victim because you are not going to be able to attract into the public arena people who value their privacy and value protecting their families from humiliations if in fact disagreements become simply grounds for smears.

Thomas Sowell

It’s back! Took 2 years— though we got Season 2.5 with Book of Boba Fett— but we are finally getting Grogu The Adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda Mandalorian Season 3.

We’re ready for the return of Ted Lasso here at the Finley Home! The Ides of March cannot come soon enough!