Great way of think about this year’s election.

There is a documentary going around claiming that the word “homosexual” was added to the Bible in 1946 and that the Bible doesn’t address the matter before this was added. It is chock-full of revisionist history and this guy does a great job addressing it. For the Christian that is hearing the arguments from this documentary, this is a great listen.

This reminds me of when Zeitgeist came out in the 2000’s and suddenly all the arguments made in that movie became the gospel of the edgy atheists.

Lot of great discussion of modern worship music, the depth of lyrics vs. what AI can do, practical uses of AI in songwriting, and more. This is a solid video.

Love cool manufacturing videos like this one. Apple knows their audience.

I was talking about empathy with a coworker and she shared this video from a more secular perspective on the topic. Spoilers, he lands on much the same conclusions that I stated in Misrepresentations From Hecklers in the Peanut Gallery and Empathy vs. Sympathy, namely that compassion is often a better response and empathy has a lot of negative consequences. This of course is not because I am wise, but because I am the fool on “elephantine adventures in pursuit of the obvious.”

Let’s go!

I tried to watch John Oliver’s skit— “a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing, especially a parody”— on homeschooling and frankly couldn’t get through it. It was just too stupid and poorly argued. The Wade Show with Wade responded fantastically, pointing to a lot of the fallacies presenting the stats that knock out the stupid arguments being made. Thanks, Wade.

… by watching hours of snuff videos on X.

Great discussion and suggestion around a topic du jour. Christian, you should not participate in their rituals. Be prepared to answer why you won’t.