It’s back! Took 2 years— though we got Season 2.5 with Book of Boba Fett— but we are finally getting Grogu The Adventures of Mando and Baby Yoda Mandalorian Season 3.

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We’re ready for the return of Ted Lasso here at the Finley Home! The Ides of March cannot come soon enough!

Perfect. I spent most of my summer using my iPad Pro as my primary computer. I love the bewildered look on “professionals” when they see what I can do on it.

Are we limiting free speech on college campuses? Are we raising thin-skinned, fools that cannot hear opposing ideas? I’m sharing a John Stossel video, because even the Left recognizes this.

I’ve seen Dave Rubin a number of times on Louder With Crowder. Good man. A lot of good points here too. What used to be “progressive” no longer is.

As a dad, I love that Nintendo has added this functionality. I wish Netflix or Hulu had this too.

This is my Superman. Brave, strong, and a defender of the weak.

If you look at this like a sport. If you look at this like a battle against your neighbor, you’ll choose anything as a knife against the other side. And that itself is a—what’s the opposite of a virtue? … That’s a vice. Political divisiveness is a vice. But like a lot of vices, it’s super seductive. So you indulge in it, until it bites you. And then you go, oh, darn, the wages of sin is death. And it makes you question having indulged in a vice … Picking sides is a vice rather than picking ideas.

I have to say that Stephen Colbert has been a guilty pleasure of mine for some time. As a conservative, I have often been in the sights of his jokes. But, his humility and willingness to quote Scripture and scriptural concepts rank him highly in my book. This interview, all of it, is a great way to spend your Friday morning. I could share a half dozen quotes from this, but instead, I’ll tell you to watch it too, as his delivery of those quotes is just as important.